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I was so surprised when Samantha walked in our studio. She had a white wife beater on with no bra. I'm a sucker for nipples pointing through a shirt, so right away I was excited to see how bad we could fuck her up. We started out with the pumping of her throat, railing her tonsils like vice beating down a door of a meth head. Then it was time for her to get her warm pussy pounded. Over and over and guy after guy she took cock after cock. She was overwhelmed with the punishment from the penis, she looked like she came in from a 120 degree day. Then we lined her up and all of us, including the crew dumped on her face. Her beautiful face turned into a destroyed portrait as the cum began to accumiliate. You could see the sadness in her face. Such a sad little piece of shit whore.

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This is Gaia's first ever porno. She never had her limits pushed like this before so it was definitely quite an experience ravaging a submissive Asian until she was literally cock drunk. We put the dog collar and leash on her to remind her of her purpose on earth, and that's to be a submissive Asian whore. She really did her job well too. She took cock after suffocating cock, and then got her tight Asian pussy drilled by two big white cocks. You can tell that tiny pussy was meant for 3 inch Asian cock, not 8 inch white beef. Then we plastered her with 4 nuts as the jizz slowly seeped into her eyes.

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Rosie is a cute little latina who never did a porno before. She never got roughed up by two guys before either. This made for an interesting scene as she just sat there dumbfounded as cocks from every direction destroyed her. Her makeup ran like she was watching "Beaches" as the cocks slammed her throat. Then two cocks entered her pussy at the same time for her first ever double vag. Then she took 5 loads to the face and sat there in shame.

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Kiana is from New York and she has done 2 or 3 porn videos before... But never, ever... anything like this.  She told us she liked Rough Sex, but when
it came down to it... balls to the wall...  We pushed her so far that she didn't even know what day of the week it was.
Watch us Ravage her Throat and Her Tight Asian Pussy.  We then commence to drop 4 huge loads of Super Hot, Super Stick, Super Nasty Cum!
Kiana, we love ya... but you're a damn Whore!  LOL! :)

Hello---Meet this Cute Blonde Chinese Chick---She has done a couple porno videos before this one, but never anything Extreme or HARDCORE  Her Name is VANITY.
Her fucking Father would be so mad if he knew what she was doing... She told us she dyed her hair in order to disguise herself...
Comon you dumb Cunt... Like your own Dad wouldn't know.   We us take her to a New Level of Extreme as we fuck her Throat, Pussy, Ass and then drop tons of cum on her.

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Watch us destroy this little submissive piece o' ass as we do shit to her that you wouldn't even do to a damn Farm Animal.
I could not believe the shit she let us do to her... It was like... she was a Walking Zombie--- She let us abuse her body like there was no tomorrow.

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Watch us push her to the brink of crying.  She had no clue who we were!  And she turned out loving it... But she's getting Married in a week or two?
My god... I would kill my girlfriend/fiance'.   Wouldn't you...?  She's super cute and turns out to be one real nasty little fucking cum-slut...
I love these kind of sluts--- because she had no real idea what she was getting into!

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